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Self Storage Security Services Leader

Unicorn Security Services Inc. Self Storage Security Leader in Metro Vancouver. Unicorn Security Services Inc. is pleased to share winning of multiple self storage security contracts in 2013 turning the company to be a leader of physical security services provider … Continue reading

Common Questions About Alarm Response Services

What is Alarm Response Service? This is a common question which comes across in people’s mind and when we do talk about it there is a long list of things to address and understand. Alarm response for security companies means … Continue reading

Bike Thefts in Vancouver Outnumbers Cars

Did you know there have been more bike thefts in Vancouver than cars? This is true! As per data collected by VPD, there were 1472 vehicles stolen and 1672 bikes in 2010, in 2011 there were 1118 vehicles stolen and … Continue reading

Fire Prevention Tips

During the holidays there were multiple fires reported within in Metro Vancouver. One of the fires in Surrey resulted in a causality and seven members of the home sent to the hospital with serious injuries. This fire was not detected … Continue reading

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