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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us at Unicorn Security!

5 Security Tips to Keep Your Business Secure

1. Make sure you know who has control over access cards and keys. Change locks as necessary. When you have an employee leave or if you have a lot of employee turnover, ensure that all keys and cards are returned. … Continue reading

7 Security Tips For New Homeowners

So you finally made the plunge and purchased your dream home. Your home is your sanctuary. If your home is under protected this may compromise how safe you feel in your home. Here are a few things you should know … Continue reading

Do I Need Increased Security on Halloween Night?

Halloween may mean ghost stories and trick-or-treating to most people, but to business owners it can create problems that only occur during that week. What seems like a fun costume to one person can be a disguise to another, not … Continue reading

Barking Dogs Don’t Always Deter Burglars

You have a dog that barks.  Your spouse says that you need to start training your dog not to bark because it is so annoying to the family, and the neighbors, but you keep putting it off.  You have a … Continue reading

Are burglars deterred by neighborhood watches?

Do neighborhood watches make citizens safer or do they only feel safer? Let’s begin by looking at how burglars select their targets. Easy Targets Success as a burglar is similar to success as a jackal. Wild dogs don’t pursue meals … Continue reading

What to Look for in a Security Company for a Strata or Building Complex

We’re talking about the wellbeing of your building and the people in it. There are a two ways you can go about this: hire the cheapest people available in order to reap some insurance breaks and call it a day, … Continue reading

What Type of Security do You Need for a Tradeshow?

Due to the importance of trade shows in many industries today, security will be needed to let your attendees feel safe and ensure they are only doing business with other members of their industries. Tradeshows are necessary for many large … Continue reading

6 Questions to Ask Your Security Guard

Hiring a new security provider? Before you go signing a contract, there are six simple questions that you’ll want to run by them. Gauge their answers and ensure that this is the right provider for you: What is your experience … Continue reading

Signs Your Building Needs Increased Security

Increasing the amount of security in your home or building is a process that certainly isn’t without its fair share of steps. When you make the choice to get a security system or to hire a security guard, you have … Continue reading

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