Alarm Response

For law enforcement to attend an alarm response an emergency contact has to attend all alarm dispatches. This is the case for most law enforcement agencies in Canada. Police will simply not provide an alarm response without a confirmed attendance by the emergency contact.

Most people don’t feel safe going out to an alarm response, or feel comfortable sending out staff. The other aspect to alarm response is that police will charge for false alarms. Whether you’re concerned about safety, or are looking for a break in your budget, Unicorn Security is the perfect solution for your alarm response needs.

Our mobile patrol security officers will respond to your alarms – 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our security guards will respond quickly to your alarm response. They will complete a full inspection of your home or facility. Based on your prior instructions and what they find at the alarm response our security officers will take additional steps.

After the alarm response has been resolved we will provide you with a complete report detailing the incident and the steps taken to resolve it.

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