Fire Prevention Tips

During the holidays there were multiple fires reported within in Metro Vancouver. One of the fires in Surrey resulted in a causality and seven members of the home sent to the hospital with serious injuries. This fire was not detected since their smoke alarm was removed.

In North Vancouver a day care was destroyed when the fire broke out. The fire crews that arrived on scene say that the building was not being monitored and that they were lucky that a cab driver reported the fire as he drove by.

In West Vancouver a 3 million dollar home went up in the flames in British Properties, the house luckily was vacant and under renovations. Police are still unknown what caused the blaze

Tips for fire safety:

  • Sit down with your family or strata and make a fire escape plan and make sure everyone in the family is aware of it in case of fire.
  • Do a fire escape inspection regularly to ensure your windows and doors are opened easily and are not jammed.
  • Have a monitored smoke detectors & fire alarm installed.
  • When under construction or conducting renovations ensure to have a security guard or a mobile patrol conduct a security and fire watch patrols.
  • When constructing a new home follow the BC fire regulation laws and have proper fire exit doors.
  • Never block a fire exit stairs door or walkway in the house with a couch, bed or a TV.
  • Put out all the candles in the house and make sure the stove and oven is off or doesn’t have anything placed close by which could catch fire with heat.
  • Always use stairs and not elevators in case of fire.
  • If going out on vacation turn off the gas supply.
  • Always turn off the propane gas tank supply after using your BBQ.
  • Do not smoke or throw cigarette butts close to the gas lines or meters.
  • Don’t keep filled propane tanks in the area where there is too much heat or close to heating system.
  • Get your house furnace yearly inspected. Do not store anything in the furnace room.

If you are concerned that your building is not being monitored by a concierge or a mobile patrol, contact Unicorn Security to view our full range of services.

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