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Unicorn Security was the result of two market forces demanding more of the security and investigation industry. Commercial and residential customers were not always satisfied with the level of Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response service offered in Metro Vancouver. Customers wanted to see improvements in patrol quality as they felt that visibility of the patrol cars created the first layer of protection for their business or home.

Secondly, break and enter crime stats for business, residential and autos have not improved enough to provide peace of mind for many people. As the local police forces try to keep with the developing B&E trends they deal with the fact of limited resources. This reality has created a gap that commercial and residential customer want filled. Not with just an add on mobile patrol and alarm response service to an existing security guard business but a niche provider that deeply understands the qualities required to work with and in the community to reduce the potential for the B&E by providing superior visibility and presence within the communities served.

These two market forces were the basis for Unicorn Security mission and vision. We will provide superior mobile patrol and alarm response service to our local communities first and foremost. Our team of Mobile Patrol guards will be trained specifically to observe and detect behaviors that are precursors to criminal or vagrant activities.

Unicorn Security will provide our existing Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response customers access to our alarm monitoring, static guard and special event security services. We are committed to providing a security service demanded by business and home owners that is unmatched by today’s standards.

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