Parkade Security

Parking security is extremely important and proper planning and safety can help ensure that your parkade is safe for the people that use it. Some of the key factors in effective parking security are proper light, sufficient surveillance and response.

Parking security surveillance without response does very little to maintain the confidence of the people using the parkade. This is one of the areas that Unicorn Security can help. The use of radio equipped bike patrols is a very effective way on providing response in a parkade situation. With bike patrols the quick response is not the only benefit. Parking security can be enhanced by having a consistent presence and boost the confidence of the people using the parking services. You can also utilize a security guard to patrol stair wells and the perimeter of the parking facility.

The majority of criminal activity that happens at places, like a shopping mall, or business complex takes place in the parking lot or parkade. We will work with you to ensure that your parkade is safe. Our highly trained and professional officers are dedicated to providing the best level of service that they can.

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