Bike Thefts in Vancouver Outnumbers Cars

Did you know there have been more bike thefts in Vancouver than cars? This is true!

As per data collected by VPD, there were 1472 vehicles stolen and 1672 bikes in 2010, in 2011 there were 1118 vehicles stolen and 1529 bikes and in 2012 there were 1190 vehicle stolen and 1821 bike thefts.

The number of bike thefts are rising day by day because the bikes are hard to trace. They do not have license plates, stolen bikes can be easily repainted, and bike accessories could easily be replaced so the owner can not recognize it easily.

Another reason bikes are easy targets is that they can be easily be hidden and then transported from one city to another.

Tips to get prevent your bike from getting stolen:

  • Always use a good lock, preferably a “U-Lock” or steel lock, which is hard to cut.
  • Find the safest place to lock it where there are lot of people around. Always lock your bike in a well-lit area during the night.
  • Change locations of your bike. If you commute to work on a bike, try not to lock your bike at the same place every day.
  • If you have an option lock your bike inside the caged or covered bike stands or sheds.
  • If possible lock your bike with the frame and not with the tire as the tire could be taken off easily and rest of the bike could be stolen.
  • Lock your bike to something solid which is immovable.
  • If using cable lock, lock your bike tight. It makes hard for thieves to steal.
  • Always write your bike’s serial number at home in safe place and if in case it gets stolen always report it to your local police department along with the serial number.
  • Remove all lights or accessories when locking your bike in the public area.
  • Before locking your bike see if there are any security guards or security cameras around which may be covering the area you are locking your bike. Lot of buildings have cameras outside.
  • If locking your bike on the side walk in front of a high rise building in Vancouver, quickly stop by and let the concierge know that you have locked your bike. Majority of the buildings DT have concierge in the lobby.
  • Don’t leave your bike locked at one place for extended time period. If you are working come and move your bike to a different stand on a lunch or coffee break.
  • Use 2 locks if possible and both should be different.

If your building or workplace isn’t a safe place for bikes to be parked you may need to look into getting mobile security guards. Contact Unicorn Security today to find out how to make your area safer.

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