Self Storage Security Services Leader

Unicorn Security Services Inc. Self Storage Security Leader in Metro Vancouver.

Unicorn Security Services Inc. is pleased to share winning of multiple self storage security contracts in 2013 turning the company to be a leader of physical security services provider for self storage industry in Metro Vancouver.

In 2011 Unicorn Security entered the self storage industry by winning security services contract for a single self storage facility in Vancouver and shortly after was awarded with rest of the 12 properties located throughout Metro Vancouver from the same self storage provider. In 2012 the company had another win and was awarded 3 self storage facilities.

Last year company was awarded another 5 Self Storage companies security contracts adding over 25 new facilities in the portfolio. The facilities are geographically located through out Metro Vancouver. The company also launched dedicated self storage mobile patrol cars in Surrey, New Westminster and Vancouver.

Unicorn Security President & CEO Ishwinder Singh said providing security services to self storage facilities is very challenging and to secure a facility you need to have a good security plan. He said you learn new things every day, you face all sort of problems which are not normal or similar you face when securing a commercial or residential properties. It’s a whole different world and we have learned this by getting into the industry and by servicing some of the most demanding self storage clients. All facilities are different and so are the security issues. You have to assess the security issues and alter the security plan accordingly. In some cases it takes a day to resolve the issue and in some cases it takes few weeks but with our approach results are guaranteed. One really have to be on top of things while protecting a self storage facility. Giving an example of a self storage facility in Vancouver he said we were hired to protect a self storage facility when on average there were 5 break-ins occurring every week, we went in, made a plan, acted on it and within the first week the break-ins dropped down to 1 per week and within the first month our team had the suspects arrested and all the stolen stuff was retrieved by Police.

He added that he is thankful to all the staff members who have worked hard day and night to achieve this mile stone. He also mentioned about the tremendous growth company had in 2013 in other industries aside from self storage and opening up Unicorn Security Branches in rest of BC and Canada. Today Unicorn Security is the best company of choice when hiring security guardsmobile patrol & alarm response services.

In ending he added, all the facilities Unicorn Security protects have electronic security devices installed such as security cameras, alarm systems and electronic gates requiring unique codes for access into the facility however physical security presence at a storage facility can not be overlooked.

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