What Type of Security do You Need for a Tradeshow?

Due to the importance of trade shows in many industries today, security will be needed to let your attendees feel safe and ensure they are only doing business with other members of their industries.

Tradeshows are necessary for many large industries, allowing people who work on opposite sides of the country to meet and mingle, making deals and connections that often change their respective industries. Tradeshows range from industrial equipment to pornography to travel industries—in other words, each show will vary greatly in scale and needs for security. However, every trade show needs some sort of security so below are a few of the general security measures that need to be taken by whoever is coordinating the tradeshow event itself. The better organized the security is, the more successful the event will be as a whole, allowing it to grow the following year and beyond. Check out some tradeshow security tips below.

All Entrances and Exits

Security should be present at all entrances and exits of a trade show, checking badges, tickets or whatever has been issued at the tradeshow for those who have paid to be there. This is more important at certain tradeshows than others, but it keeps those who have no business being there out and allows those who are invested in the industry or have paid or been given the right to be there the piece of mind that everyone they talk to is also in their industry.

Floor Security

Security should be present on each aisle of the tradeshow floor, monitoring booths. For very popular booths with big crowds, security should make sure people aren’t blocking access to surrounding booths or becoming unruly. They also need to monitor booths and make sure they aren’t doing anything that isn’t allowed by the tradeshow itself (this will often vary from event to event). Most security on the floor should just walk casually from one end to the other, keeping an eye on what is happening in their particular area.

Monitoring Cameras and Media at the Show

Security is also necessary at tradeshows to monitor all cameras and media that may be present at the event, ensuring they are credentialed and cleared to be there. Some companies don’t want their logo or employees to be photographed or videotaped, nor do celebrities who make an appearance at tradeshows in some cases. Security must keep a close eye on this, as one video leaked from the tradeshow that goes viral on the internet can cause a lot of problems, trigger a lawsuit and hurt the reputation of the tradeshow in general.

Numbers of Security

You will ideally need one security guard per exit and at least one security guard per aisle of booths on the floor of the tradeshow itself, as well as a supervisor to coordinate the rest of the security working the event. This may vary greatly based upon what type of tradeshow it is and how many people may be attending. If it is incredibly popular and many thousands of people will be there, you may want to even assign security teams to each row, with each guard watching a small handful of booths.

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