UTA Strike Increases Security Demand in Metro Vancouver

Security Guards on Patrol

Due to the recent labour dispute between Port Metro Vancouver and a non-unionized truckers association called United Truckers Association has increased the demand for security guards throughout Metro Vancouver.

UTA owner operators and truck drivers went on strike last week, due to long waiting times at the Vancouver ports. The news went viral and suddenly increased security guards demand. Almost every trucking company associated with container business has hired security guards to protect their staff & assets.

Since the strike, there has been multiple news of violence including a rock thrown on to a running truck, which smashed the driver side window and cracked the wind shield. Also, there has been a video release, showing people cutting the brake lines of a container at port metro Vancouver. After the news release, the trucking companies that did not expect the situation might get worse, also called security companies to provide them with security guards and other security services.

The situation  is expected to get even worse over the few days, since the unionized workers of Port Metro Vancouver as well have given 72 Hrs notice for strike.

The matter is not only of concern to Vancouver Ports or Trucking Companies but also to local businesses, who rely on supplies via containers from throughout the world. This has also forced local businesses dealing with containers or expecting loads via containers to hire security to prevent vandalism. The economy of Metro Vancouver will definitely be suffering due to this strike.

During the labour disputes the major issue has always been vandalism and staff security.  To prevent any unforeseen loss, businesses have hired security guards.

At Unicorn Security, we have deployed multiple security guards and  provided additional mobile patrols to existing clients due to this strike throughout Metro Vancouver and we suspect, that this strike will keep all other security companies busy until the strike ends.



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