Unusual Increase In Commercial Break and Enters in Vancouver

The Vancouver Police Department has noticed an unusual increase in Commercial Break-and-Enters in following area.

The Hot Spot Area is within the boundary of:   Cordova Street- north, Davie Street- south, Hornby Street- west, and Beatty Street- east.

  • Suspect(s) are entering businesses by smashing door and window glass.
  • Restaurants, Retail Outlets, Office Spaces and Hotels are being targeted.
  • The break-ins are occurring between 4:00 am and 7:00 am.
  • Electronics and Office equipment are being stolen.
  • The Vancouver Police Department is asking for your assistance:
  • Ensure you have secure locks on all windows, skylights and doors.
  • Consider additional security devices such as an audible alarm system, window protection or video surveillance.
  • Use signage to advise that there is no cash left on the premises, or leave empty cash trays in view.
  • Ensure there is some illumination inside the store at night.
  • Please hide or secure all computers, laptops, and electronics.  Keep valuables away from windows to help prevent opportunistic crime.
  • Be alert and call 911 to report suspicious persons or activity, including sounds of breaking glass and/or alarms.
  • Be a good witness and obtain suspect and/or vehicle descriptions.
  • If you are reporting a crime which relates to a crime alert – please inform the 911 operator.
  • Please join or start a neighbourhood Block Watch team. Knowing your neighbours and watching out for each other is one of the best crime prevention tools available.

You can also hire a security company that can provide neighbourhood patrol.

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