Signs Your Building Needs Increased Security

Increasing the amount of security in your home or building is a process that certainly isn’t without its fair share of steps. When you make the choice to get a security system or to hire a security guard, you have a large number of different options to choose from depending on your needs.

It’s important to realize, however, that just because you already have a security system doesn’t make you impervious to break-ins and other types of awful situations. There are a few key signs that you should definitely watch out for that will help clue you into the fact that your building needs increased security.

Pay Attention to Crime Statistics

Crime statistics for your area are updated periodically and will usually include information about the volume of crimes as well as about specific types of crimes being committed. If you find that the crime stats in your area have dramatically increased, it’s time to increase security as a result.

Likewise, if you own a business and crimes are frequently perpetrated against similar types of buildings, you should take the necessary precautions and increase security as a result.

Your Insurance Went Up

Many people don’t realize that the safety of a particular neighborhood is one of the many factors that influences the price you pay for business or homeowner’s insurance on a regular basis. If you aren’t paying attention to the crime statistics, your insurance rates may be the next best thing.

If your insurance rates have skyrocketed for no apparent reason, call your provider and ask why. If it has to do with the safety of your neighborhood, it’s time to step up security to be as safe as possible.

If Your Existing Security System Failed to Prevent a Break-In

One of the most obvious signs that you need an increase in security is if your existing system did little to no good when it came to stopping a theft or break-in.

Home security systems aren’t like cars. If you drive a specific model of a car that you don’t like, you’d trade it in for a new model or you might instead take the bus. Home security is different and a failure in one regard essentially requires you to double down.

If someone got into your business through a specific vulnerability, add motion sensors or additional cameras to plug that hole as quickly as possible. If someone broke into your home through a window on the second floor that you didn’t think you had to monitor, be sure to add motion detectors on the second level moving forward.

Oftentimes having a home security system or a system for your business, on its own, isn’t enough. It is a good start, however. By increasing security when the time is right, you can help prevent a potentially devastating situation that might be just around the corner.

If Your Existing Security Guard or Mobile Patrol Failed to Prevent a Break-In or Vandalism

 If your existing security guard or mobile patrol security had failed to prevent a break-in or vandalism, its time to review the timings of the shift and frequency of patrols being done at your premises.

Keeping the security cost same, you can randomize your security guard start and end times to show more presence at your property. Similarly you can monitor your mobile patrol timings and can randomize the patrol times to get better security coverage. Adding a mobile patrol or few extra hours of security guard on weekends & stat holidays is always a good idea and could save you lot of headache.

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