Security Patrol Services

Aside from earlier blog regarding security services we offer, Unicorn Security also specialize and provide following services;

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Bike Patrol Security

Unicorn Security bike patrol team could be hired for large industrial site, parking lot or business park. Bike patrol security is also used in high traffic areas like Down Town Vancouver to patrol different commercial & residential buildings.  The service could be dedicated to one property or could be used for multiple. We only recommend this service where the security guard only have to patrol within 2 kilometer radius. Anything outside or more than 2 kilometers Mobile Patrol Security is ideal.


Neighbourhood Patrol/Block Watch

With residential break & enters on rise, more and more home owners are moving towards getting security systems & security cameras installed in their houses however the need of physical security can not be overlooked. Our neighbourhood patrol team provides random patrols of residential areas to monitor suspicious & criminal activities. They also repond to residential alarms.


Staff Security Escort

Unicorn Security’s staff escort service could be used in multiple ways. We could provide a static security guard to escort staff members and employees from their cars to the office or vice versa. Mobile Patrol teams are also used for this service where the duration of security escort is less than 4 hours.


Special Event Security

 The last thing anyone would want is to have a problem while organizing and enjoying a special event such as birth day party, corporate event or graduation party. Our security guards are well trained to protect any special event and can check identification, guest list, perform bag search and stop unauthorized people to enter the event.


Concierge Service

Concierge is there is to provide customer service to the tenants, visitors and residents. They are responsible for overall day to day operation of a residential or commercial building. At Unicorn Security we offer extensive training and multiple courses to our concierge staff in order for them to perform their duties.

To view our full list of services visit our security services page. For individual service areas vist Security Services Vancouver, Security Services Richmond, Security Services Surrey, Security Services New Westminster & Security Services Burnaby. We are a security company you can trust and we absolutely deliver what we promise.

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Security Patrol Services

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