Security Guards Day

Security Guards Day, Sounds Tempting? Doesn’t it?


Singapore security association representing approximately 80 security companies is trying to have a day for all the security guards in the country. The day will be called “Security Officer Day“ the purpose to have this day in the country is to appreciate all the hard work done by the security guards who work 24 X 7 to protect the clients assets and staff. The association is planning to have July 24th of each year to be the security guards day.

Singapore Security Association President Mr T. Mogan said ”By raising the profile of security officers, we hope to also encourage the public to show their appreciation to them, as they do to teachers and nurses, who have their own ‘days’,”

In 2012 there were  total of 65,679 security guards licensed by the Police however only 30,000 were actively working as security guards, rest of them choose not to work as security guards due to the poor wage structure in the country. Apparently a security guard in Singapore only make $800.00 per month which is  significantly low than lot of the other professions pay rates in the country.

Lot of the security guards working in Singapore criticized the “security guards annual day“ news and said they rather have a decent wage  then a day named on them.

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