How Trained Security Guards Are In Vancouver

How well are the security guards trained?

Few recent reports have raised questions over the training of security guards in Metro Vancouver. A Mexican women at YVR died while detained by CBSA and being watched over by a private Vancouver security company. Lot of questions were raised on the training of security guards and the company involved. The incident is under investigation as to what had happened. Full reports could be read on the links below;

Another recent report published by CBC is regarding the nurses facing violence despite the security guards within the healthcare. The link is below;

What kind of training is available for security guards?

To become and to work as a security guard in BC, a person requires basic security training and then needs to apply for a security license. This is the first step, after this there are multiple trainings available according to the job requirements and job site. To name few, there are AST, CPI, Occupational First Aid Level 1,2 & 3, WHMIS, CPR. The healthcare security guards require extensive training in order to perform their duties. An untrained security guard can put himself & others in danger.

What training does the security companies offer to their guards?

Speaking of just our self, we at Unicorn Security provide training to our security guards on case to case basis and depending on their job requirements. We believe that aside from the classroom training “On the job training” is very important. The practical needs to be there for the security guards, books and online courses does give them information and teach them basics on how to handle the incidents but unless they are in the real situation it is hard to learn. It is same as when some one takes learner driver license , it teaches them the basics but does not teach them how to operate a vehicle.

Our approach is completely different, we visit potential and existing job sites to determine the risks and prepare the training program accordingly.

Fore more information you can contact us anytime. If you would like to hire trained and professional security guards visit our service area pages; security guards Surrey, security guards Burnaby, security guards New Westminster, security guards Richmond, security guards Vancouver.

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