Do I Need Increased Security on Halloween Night?

Halloween may mean ghost stories and trick-or-treating to most people, but to business owners it can create problems that only occur during that week. What seems like a fun costume to one person can be a disguise to another, not to mention the random trash and destruction that happen during Halloween week in some parts of the country. More and more, savvy business owners are hiring extra security to help deal with this problem.

Don & Tracy's Pirate Ship Halloween Party by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Don & Tracy’s Pirate Ship Halloween Party by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid

Banks and Credit Unions

Every year there is a rash of robberies that involve criminals wearing Halloween masks in order to disguise their appearance. Even if warning signs are posted about masks, they can be concealed in pockets until the thieves are inside. Very visible extra security may be enough to deter some of these thieves. If the odds of your being robbed increases enough to be measurable, it only makes sense to take security precautions.

Neighborhood Stores

In addition to the increased chance of robbery, neighborhood stores are common victims of graffiti artists, children throwing eggs and toilet paper, and other forms of property damage. Even if your store is in a relatively safe neighborhood, the fact that it’s Halloween week brings out the devil in many younger people. The point of these pranks is to carry them out in secrecy, so a security guard posted right outside your door for a week or so should be enough to prevent all but the most determined Halloween pranksters.

High Volume Stores

Grocery store clerks and big-box store cashiers may think nothing of a group of costumed people coming in near Halloween, but the fact that many thousands of dollars runs through their doors each day make them natural targets for thieves. Any time costumes and masks aren’t seen as suspicious is a time crime will increase. Positioning extra security at entrances and exits, as well as enforcing a no-mask rule for every shopper, will help to lower the chances of your being a crime victim.

Bars and Clubs

Bars and clubs have a unique set of reasons why they need extra security during Halloween week. In addition to the increase robbery risk that all other business experience, bars and clubs usually hold large celebrations on Halloween night. This usually entails drink specials, people over indulging, drunken fights, and people trying to leave while under the influence. Depending on your state, you may be criminally responsible if a customer gets drunk in your club and then has an accident or hurts someone else. Extra security in the form of physically fit bouncers are a great deterrent to many of these things occurring, and can help take care of the problems once they happen. Security personnel can call cabs for drunks customers, break up fights, and generally add an atmosphere of safety and security to help make your customers feel better about partying in your club.

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