6 Questions to Ask Your Security Guard

Hiring a new security provider? Before you go signing a contract, there are six simple questions that you’ll want to run by them. Gauge their answers and ensure that this is the right provider for you:

What is your experience working in my sector?

You want to ensure that your provider is actually experienced in your sector. A chemical plant has different needs than a software company. Similarly residential building has different needs than a commercial building and industrial have different needs from a shopping mall and so on. Ask you provider about the experience in your sector and references.

What type of insurance do you have?

The specific needs here will vary depending on your industry. The short answer you’re looking for is: comprehensive. Consider the sorts of incidents that might occur on your premise and what types of insurance claims might arise from that. To obtain a security business license every provider needs to have $ 1 million general liability insurance however companies servicing big clients where the risks are high carry $5-10 million including employee dishonesty bond. The insurance documents could be requested by the provider. We at Unicorn carry $5 million general liability insurance with our clients being addition insured on the policy.

What type of training do your security guards have?

Do their security guards go above and beyond the required amount of training? Are they capable of dealing with the public in a friendly but professional way if that’s part of the job? Make sure the training fits the assignment.

To become a security guard in BC a candidate must go through BST certification course offered by several private training institutes and or by Justice Institute of BC. After the course the candidate goes through the finger prints and series of back ground test by the Ministry Of Justice before he is given the Security Guard license to work in BC. Aside from BST course we at Unicorn Security offer numerous courses to security guards such as OFA level 1& 2, Customer Service Course, WHMIS, Super Host and many supervisory courses.

What happens if there is an incident on our property?

Every security company has different policies for this sort of thing, and only by asking will you know whether their policies match yours.

What happens if an incident happens during off hours?

Security guards are the ones who are there when nobody else is, so you need to make sure that your company is in capable hands.

How much security does my business actually need?

In some industries, security itself isn’t so much a necessity, but you can earn tremendous insurance breaks if you employee a security staff. In others, you really do need a guard in every room. It depends on your business, your industry, your neighborhood, etc., and the best security companies will be honest with you, even if it means that they’re only assigning a single guard to your location.

The security guard’s motto is “observe and report.” That’s really what the job is all about. Few security guards are trained to engage criminals in the act, but they will be there as a pair of eyes to deter crime, they will contact emergency services as needed, and a capable security company will ensure that your business is in safe hands at all times.

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