5 Security Tips to Keep Your Business Secure

Business Security1. Make sure you know who has control over access cards and keys. Change locks as necessary. When you have an employee leave or if you have a lot of employee turnover, ensure that all keys and cards are returned. If for some reason an employee does not return their key or card, make sure you get your locks changed.

2. Ensure your property/building is well illuminated, particularly around entrance and exit points, with the main entrance being the most important. Lights that turn on when activated by movement are great deterrents to would-be thieves. Periodically check to make sure all the lights around your property are functioning correctly.

business-surveillance3. Surveillance cameras should be setup to protect your property. It is wise to install several cameras to ensure the most coverage.  Good locations for cameras include all entrances and exits, places where money is stored, and employee rooms. If you sell merchandise, it is a good idea to place cameras where this merchandise is stored.

4. Consider having a dedicated on-site security guard. When it comes to theft control there is no better solution than a well-trained, alert security guard. In addition to loss prevention, your employees should feel safe walking to and from their vehicles. We can provide a staff escort where staff work after dark and leave a secure perimeter to get to a parking lot, or parkade. Contact us today to learn more about our business security solutions.

mobile patrol vancouver5. Mobile Patrol is used at properties where a full time security guard could not be stationed due to cost associated with the stationary guard service. These mobile security guards can provide services such as periodic foot inspections, drive by patrol, alarm response, staff escorts, and more.

For information on Unicorn Security’s Mobile Patrol services, please get in touch with us.

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